One of the most wonderful people I've ever had the privilege to love.

Today is the birthday of one of my best friends ever. My dear Abigail Marie turns 17 today.

Over the last year and a half we have had so many adventures. I have grown to love her dearly. She is

one of the most creative, wise, wonderful people I have ever met.

She is a rare kind of friend, one that is loyal, trustworthy, and honest. She loves me when I'm stupid,

and isn't scared to correct me with love when I need it.

We've had late night Mexican food dates, Disney movie marathons, and eaten way to much food,

We've fought, and then apologized to each other, she's pushed me closer to Jesus, and continues to.

We've sang together, laughed until we cried, we've sat in coffee shops together, her editing her

writing, me editing my pictures, not saying much to each other, but being with each other is enough.

We've had adventures and late night talks,  she's encouraged me, and been an amazing example.

We share many similarities in our personalities, she's helped me understand myself a little better,

she's put feelings into words that I never could.

In short, she's the most amazing friend I could ever ask for, she's blessed me endlessly, and I love her


Happy birthday Abigail Marie! I love you dearly.

(Now here's a bunch of pictures of our adventures)

She loves to swing more then anything.
Going to see frozen :)

She spent the weekend at my house a few weeks ago...

The time I left my phone and she took selfies with it.

She sends me things like this sometimes, and it makes me so happy

Coffee shop date <3

Being rebels and riding on the back of the car...

Testing out new picture techniques :)

We have this thing where her nickname is elvis, don't ask me why...

Lunch at the beach
At our churches Christmas party last year

This is an accurate picture of our friendship.

Going ice-skating with two of our friends (Jared + Elijah)

From the beach

Rocking the Audrey Hepburn look

She made this collage for my birthday last week, I love it so much I'm using it again :)

She's so cute omg.

So happy birthday dear. 
I hope to be along side you in this journey of life for many, many more.

{Deal hugs not drugs}


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