My little Cacti & Succulent family.

This is my little plant family. Half of them are named after Anne of Green Gables characters, not sorry about that.

^^Anne, because of her red flower. ^^

^^ Hagrid, because he's fuzzy and loveable. ^^

^^This is Rory, he reminds me of a hedgehog.^^

^^Cordelia (She was my first cactus, she's the littlest though.) ^^

^^This is Piper, named after no one in particular.^^

^^This is Walter, named after one of Anne & Gilbert's sons, who is basically my favorite person ever.^^

^^This is Sherlock. He's quirky and cool and has a large head.^^

{Plants are cool & Coffee is beautiful}


  1. I love the names. They fit so well. :)

  2. oh my goodness, this is darling. i love cacti and succulents. ;) and i adore the names. they fit perfectly. xo


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